Sack, Ferrets.

As Gawain keeps telling me, it\’s a political party, so of course there\’s politics in it.

That said, Roger Knappman\’s current internal party poll to ask whether UKIP should stand alone in the EU Parliament seems to be taking things a little too far.

Yes, there\’s a romanticism in "Ourselves, Alone" despite the origins of that phrase. But the way the EU system is set up you only get money for researchers and staff and the like, you in fact only get recognised as a political party, if you\’re part of a transnational group. So leaving InDep would indeed be ideologically pure, but it wouldn\’t perhaps be all that sensible.

Yes, we want to change the system, and while we may be progressive, radical and liberal, we\’re not in fact revolutionaries (attractive as the thought of burning brands and waving pitchforks at the Berlaymont might be) and this means we have to work within the system as it is in order to change it.*


* Yes, changing it does mean leaving: but we\’ve got to use whatever leverage we can get until we can reach that highly desirable stage.


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