See and Do


In a Sunday newspaper interview, Sufiah said she did not see her work as a prostitute as sordid. She said that she turned to escorting after reading Belle de Jour\’s Diary of a London Call Girl, which was made into a television drama starring Billie Piper.

So this blogging thing does work then? People do take note, do copy our actions?

Excellent news, eh? This blog must have created any number of grumpy middle aged gits then.

2 thoughts on “See and Do”

  1. Well. The birth of The Remittance Man can be attributed to a small number of blogdaddies* (what that makes him, I know not). But, yes, I think your supposition is correct.

    Sadly, as Kit points out, the financial rewards might have been better if Miss du Jour had been the blogmummy.

    *An unholy alliance including Messrs Worstall, Englishman and Free Market if you must know.

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