Somewhat Odd

This Observer piece really seems to wander a little in its* argument.

Manufacturing is great because well, it\’s manufacturing, innit, so much better than just those services like finance and The City.

And then the praise for the fact that a lot of what we class as manufacturing is actually services, like design and maintenance.



* See first comment.

4 thoughts on “Somewhat Odd”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Come on. Such stuff is child’s[sic] play.

    We want our traditional Sunday Will Hutton Kicking please!

    I thought he was especially fatuous this week but I can’t say I’m motivated enough to do much about it.

    Apparently we need to go back to the 70s.

  2. ““it’s” argument?”

    For some reason many people find it’s hard to tell whether it’s its or it’s it’s. But Tim does know his it’s from his its.

  3. Kay Tie

    Of course – which is one reason why he’s such a pleasure to read, but it’s reassuring to see viral apostrophes can sneak in even here.

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