St George\’s Day Parade

Maybe they were right, maybe not, but this?

They offered them a shorter route that avoided two streets at the centre of the race riots in 2001, and an alternative date for the event on July 1.

As I say, maybe there really were safety fears, but to offer an alternative date for a march on the national Saint\’s day does seem a little odd. Bonfire Night on Dec 15th anyone?

Although, perhaps they\’re just practising for the 2013 Olympics?

5 thoughts on “St George\’s Day Parade”

  1. Bonfire Night should be abolished. What an appalling thing to do to re-enact the immolation of a man.

    The more general point is that the English have no national day – I’m willing bet that above 90% don’t know which day is St George’s Day anyway.

    The English have no separate parliament for their own affairs but must constantly be interfered with by the Welsh, Scots, and Northern Irish.

    Perhaps it would have been a much better commemoration for the English if Guy Fawkes had succeeded.

  2. “..cancelled after police warned that it could put children at risk.”

    How, exactly…? Since the route isn’t a ‘no go’ area for residents, or one populated entirely by the kind of people who would resort to violence against children, surely?

    I mean, the forces of law and order would have stepped in before now to resolve any such issues, wouldn’t they….?

  3. The thing has been re-routed so that the council can maintain the pretence that they don’t have a seething, dangerous no-go area in the middle of town.

    The police would probably love to know just how many illegal firearms are salted away in that enclave, but they don’t want to find out this way.

  4. Every day, in every way, I become more and more glad I emigrated from that arsehole of the universe that is Bradford. The only thing I miss is the curry.

    The correct police response would have been to allow the march to go ahead, and lay into, with truncheons, any little tosser who caused a fuss, until he was very, very sorry. That would do a lot more for ‘social cohesion’ in the long run than any amount of pre-emptive cringing.

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