Started Already

Bob Spink\’s first EDM as the UKIP MP:

That this House notes that carers\’ earnings must not exceed £95 net per week in order to qualify for the carer\’s allowance benefit, that maximum individual earnings combined with the carer\’s allowance equates to only £7,568 per annum and, as a result, working carers are adversely affected by the abolition of the 10 per cent. tax rate; further notes that most carers care for adults and are thus not entitled to child tax credits, nor do they qualify for working tax credits because they cannot work the requisite hours; believes that carers make an invaluable contribution to society; and urges the Government to adopt the UKIP offical policy of a simple flat tax (with national insurance) starting at £10,000 which will greatly assist many carers.

I can\’t speak ex officio on such a matter, but at that does sound very much like something my fellow bleeding heart classical liberals would support.

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