Teacher Claims 2.45% is an Insult

CiF commenters rip into her.

It was Natalie Solent who said:

One way in which consensus opinion changes is when scattered individuals become aware that many others share their opinions.

Might I add a corollary? That the value of CiF is that those who were for decades living in an atmosphere of right on agreement are now faced with the evidence that many others do not share their opinions? That the bubble of groupthink is being pricked?

4 thoughts on “Teacher Claims 2.45% is an Insult”

  1. You can always tell when they are getting rattled by the commenter(s) who put up something to the effect of ‘isn’t this the Guardian, not the Telegraph’.

    Or, as I always read it: ‘Mummy, where’s my blankie..!”

  2. Comment #1299336

    “I object to the fact that some little tit of a NUT rep can cancel my daughters exam and stress her out by adding it to a day when she already has 2 other exams. Unprofessional. Nasty. ”

    Poor girl 🙁

  3. You’re making the assumption that they actually read the comments, which I doubt, preferring to smugly think that they have opined and everyone will be busy agreeing with them.

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