Teachers\’ Strike

Millions of children will be turned away from school as teachers confirmed their first national strike in 21 years.

This is how professionals resolve disputes isn\’t it?

"The NUT wants no return to those bad old days. To bring the best young graduates into the profession, teachers\’ salaries need to be competitive with those for graduates in the private sector. Our children deserve the best.

"Young teachers need to be treated fairly. Paying them at levels which are not competitive with those of other graduate professions and making them unable to take even their first step on the housing ladder will damage recruitment."

This action shows that you yourself do not regard teaching as a profession. Thus, sadly, you don\’t deserve professional pay.

1 thought on “Teachers\’ Strike”

  1. Of course, the Professional Association of Teachers won’t be striking. They consider the education of children to be their priority.

    Unfortunately, everyone else striking is likely to mean they cannot work on health and safety grounds…

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