Tee Hee.

Tony Juniper:

More recently still, however, and based on an analysis of conditions in the past derived from ocean bed sediments and ice cores, leading climatologists led by NASA\’s Jim Hansen have suggested that even 350 ppm might dangerous.


While the climate change sceptics and deniers comprise an ever-dwindling band, they are still undermining our last chance to deal with the climate change emergency. I\’m sure they\’ll be here again today, peddling the junk science of special interests and the ill-conceived, unreferenced and non-peer reviewed tripe loaded onto the websites from which they seek solace from the reality of global warming.

You are, of course, aware that the Jim Hansen paper is not peer reviewed? That it is a "pre-paper"? Further, that it is making very contentious (code for "no one else as yet agrees") points about climate sensitivity? Ones which very few indeed take seriously as yet?


4 thoughts on “Tee Hee.”

  1. “350 ppm might be dangerous” – Am I missing something but we have already passed 350ppm?

    Tim adds: Indeed we have,

  2. “we have already passed 350ppm?”

    That’s his point. Monbiot has been arguing for a couple of years that we need negative net CO2 emissions and Juniper is onboard.

    My impression is that climate “scepticism” is increasing rather rapidly, and not “dwindling”.

  3. Well I’ve given up “climate scepticism” – I became first a “climate cynic” when I realised that many of the proponents of Global Warming had advanced from being a mere bunch of scientific incompetents to a bunch of liars. The I became a “climate atheist” when I realised the nature of the Church of Cardinal Hansen and Pope Gore. The fuckers will be burning us next.

  4. But it is his voice and those of his colleagues in FoE and Greenpeace which will be heard on the BBC, ITN and the rest of the mainstream news outlets.

    They might be peddling a particularly partial and damaging ideology, but, God help us, it is being taken as impartial by the mainstream media.

    And then they wonder why cynicism increases.

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