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Tee Hee

The Government\’s Logo Designers strike again.

2 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Ref: Your article in the times this morning…how can a socialist government double the income tax rate for the lowest paid workers in the country…the reason is that the prime minister and former chancellor got his figures wrong by ignoring a minority who’s vote is insignificant but it is not just single and working couples with no children that are targeted…what about the retired with investments and part-time jobs… and there are many who fall into that category…i would estimate the actual nos. of all people affected by this tax increase (including many people living on the bread-line) to be in excess of 8 million and that a large no. of voters.
    There are a large no. of anomolies with the way this country is run (including the electoral system)…i have been saying for over 25 yrs that nobody living below the poverty line should be paying any income tax and that the threshold at which tax starts should be raised cosiderably and by doing so removing a large tier of bureaucracy which currently consumes a large part of the money that it collects…in fact a new political party (possibly called: The Reform Party) that is commited to reform without compromise unlike the transmuted Social Democrats…that is committed rationalising the running of the country…blah…blah…blah…
    See my wb-site at:
    Best regards pte mcclure.

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