That Immigration Report

The number of immigrants entering Britain should be capped, an influential House of Lords committee has warned.

OK, how?

The vast majority of the immigration is from other EU states. We can\’t change that in any way at all.

Asylum seeking is regulated by UN agreements isn\’t it?

Which leaves extra- EU immigration for either economic or family reasons. The economic immigration is a small part of the flow in itself and it\’s already pretty difficult.

Which leaves family immigration: again, a small part of the problem anyway and are we really saying that we\’ll have solved the perceived problem if someone\’s elderly granny can\’t come and live with the kids?

What, in fact, can actually be done, within the set of regulations already woven around the subject?

We can leave the EU of course, and take back the powers currently weilded by Brussels over who is allowed to enter….


4 thoughts on “That Immigration Report”

  1. “We can leave the EU of course, and take back the powers currently weilded by Brussels over who is allowed to enter….”

    I’m sure any attempt to block EU immigration would be met with reciprocal blocks on UK citizens, out of sheer spite if nothing else.

    “Send back those podgy huddled masses, yearning for sun..”

  2. And, of course, what everyone seems to forget is that levels of economic migration from EU accession states are currently inflated by the UK’s decision not to impose controls on migration, unlike Germany, France, etc.

    All that’s happened so far it that we have an open labour market for accession state migrants (other than Bulgaria/Romania) and most of the rest of the pre-accession EU doesn’t, so we get most of the migrants.

    Once the five year limit for labour market restrictions expires, which should, IIRC, be 2010, things will rapidly start to right themselves as other EU state labour markets open up.

    I’d give it a year, maybe two, after that happens before employers start complaining about the lack of migrant labour and the difficulties of attracting enough employees due to competition from other EU states.

  3. I would ask anyone to visit Leicester and all the factories here we are crawling with illegal immigrants everywhere.This needs a thorough investigation ,it is now widespread here.

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