This Will Be Fun

Tesco is to test putting "carbon labels" on its own-brand products next month in a move to enable consumers to choose products which are less damaging to the environment.

The retailer will put carbon-count labels on varieties of orange juice, potatoes, energy-efficient light bulbs and washing detergent, stating the quantity in grammes of CO2 equivalent put into the atmosphere by their manufacture and distribution.

As the scheme expands we might see some very angry people. Imagine what will happen when Spanish tomatoes, or New Zealand lamb, are marked as having lower footprints than domestically produced equivalents. Going to make those food miles people look pretty stupid, isn\’t it?


6 thoughts on “This Will Be Fun”

  1. They’ll just start a furious campaign for Tesco to alter the ratings to take account of “relevant” carbon factors only, citing the need to “prevent people getting the wrong idea and undermining the results already achieved” on global warmening.

  2. I think it’s a pretty good idea because I might use it in making a decision. Okay, odds are price and quality are going to come first by a distance but other things being equal I’ll probably use this as a measure as long as its quick and clear. However, I think I’m in the extreme minority looking at ingredients and nutritional values anyway so this will be yet more text that few read.

    Oh, wait a minute, I shop at Asda…

  3. Those of us sitting in places like Sakhalin Island can only shake our heads and wonder that life in the west has become so easy that people now have the time and energy to worry about shite like this. When I go to the supermarket, I’m impressed if they sell certain products from any brand, never mind one with a low carbon rating.

  4. Pity the poor bastards in East Africa and Central America who find sales of the produce suddenly declining for no good reason they can see.

  5. I shall make use of it by buying the products with the highest “carbon rating”… If the solar scientists are to be believed (and we have a very “quiet” sun at the moment and for the immediate future) it could get bloody cold in the next few years and we’re going to need all the “greenhouse effect” that we can find!

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