Those Bankers Really Are Overpaid, Aren\’t they?

2007 earnings:

Oprah Winfrey: $260 million
Tiger Woods: $115 million
Steven Spielberg: $110 million
Dr. Phil McGraw: $90 million
50 Cent: $33 million
Gisele Bundchen: $33 million
Miley Cyrus: $18.2 million
Mary-Kate Olsen: $17 million
Ryan Seacrest: $12 million
Trouble (Leona Helmsley’s dog): $12 million
Eli Manning: $11.5 million
Katherine Heigl: $11 million
Jeff Foxworthy: $10 million
Jessica Alba: $9 million
Mariska Hargitay: $7 million
Carrie Underwood: $7 million
Scarlett Johansson: $5 million

For Dearieme in the comments. After the first three:

Relationship adviser: one about to get divorced if tittle tattle is to be believed.



Teen pop sensation.

Ditto (or is it actress?)


Bow Wow.



Comedian ("You Know You\’re a Redneck" when your family tree has no branches.)


Tennis player? Or model?



10 thoughts on “Those Bankers Really Are Overpaid, Aren\’t they?”

  1. Recovering from TVOD

    If I’ve read your list of – er – professions right, you think that Mariska Hargitay is a tennis player or a model. Hell no! (as actors like her are frequently made to say by the writers who put the silly words in their silly mouths). She’s the star of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (the viewers being the special victims, ho ho). I’m not sure if that particular subsidiary of the mightiest franchise in North American telly has reached Europe yet, but it will, it will. Ice T is in it too, as are Christopher Meloni, Richard Belzer, Adam Beach, Dann Fiorek and – oh, but you’ve probably never heard of them either, right?
    However, far and away the most interesting thing about La Hargitay – well, apart from her oddly un-American but nonetheless respect-worthy insistence that people pronounce her first name in the Hungarian style (“Marishka”) – is that she is (drum roll, please) the daughter of Jayne Mansfield.
    Finally, I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the one thing about that list that surprised me – of the 17 names on it, at least nine (maybe ten, but I have no idea who or what Miley Cyrus is) are female. Feminism has clearly worked out well, for some women at least.

  2. Recovering from TVOD

    Whoops – Miley Cyrus is female, if the cover of People Magazine can be trusted, so it is indeed ten out of 17.

  3. Miley Cyrus – Actress who plays fictional teen pop star Hannah Montana. Additional fun fact: she performs live and releases music both as herself and in character as Montana.

    Mary-Kate Olsen – Actress, no longer teen.

    Ryan Seacrest – American radio DJ and TV presenter.

    Katherine Heigl – Actress.

    Mariska Hargitay – Actress. Additional fun fact: she’s the daughter of Jayne Mansfield.

    Carrie Underwood – Singer. Famous after winning American Idol series four.

  4. Feminism has clearly worked out well

    I’m not sure that this list supports that conclusion. Most of those women could not have got the high-paying jobs that they’ve had without being good-looking, and in a conventional marketable way. That’s not saying that they are necessarily lacking in talent, just that many doors would have been closed to them if they hadn’t also got the looks. Certainly the models would have got nowhere without them. Additionally, it must have been easier for Hargitay and Cyrus to get that elusive first break because of who their parents were (Cyrus is daughter of country and western star Billy Ray Cyrus).

    So is it really a victory of feminism that beautiful women can make lots of money as models and actresses? I doubt that Millicent Fawcett would have been very impressed.

  5. Miley Cyrus best watch out. According to South Park, she’s only being built up so that she makes a better sacrifice for the corn harvest.

    Oprah is storming ahead though. I’ve never watched her show so I can’t comment on it but I’ve seen her magazine on shelves. Am I the only one that finds someone naming a magazine after themselves and then compounding that by featuring as the cover-model ever month off-puttingly egocentric? Talk about a cult of personality.

  6. Recovering from TVOD

    “is it really a victory of feminism that beautiful women can make lots of money as models and actresses?” No, not really. It’s just that watching too much crappy telly tends to make one sarcastic. ; )

  7. returning to Tim’s orginal theme, perhaps the reason nobody in the left-liberal press moans about overpaid jongleurs, jesters and other make-beleive artists is that despite their wealth, they tend to vote leftwards themselves and donate lots of loot to left leaning politicians.

    From the left’s perspective, it’s in everybody’s interests to maintain the image of the struggling artist and the fiction that the entertainment industry is some sort of eco-freindly, mom and pop outfit rather than the all-devouring, capitalist combine it really is.

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