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A list of today\’s most popular home cooked recipies. Does anyone know what the equivalent list would have been in 1958?

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  1. Depends where you grew up. We used to eat shrimp by the heap. Can’t say that we cooked them though.

  2. Stodge and Sweet. Vegetables to be cooked until very soft. Less meat cooked slower, more starchy potatoes, dumplings. Rice was for puddings, spaghetti for beatniks. More (overcooked) fish cod, haddock and herring. Kippers and othe smoked fish. Shellfish. Custard. Prunes. Sunday roast joints would be used mince on Monday and Tuesday in other recipes eg cottage pie or rissole. Sausage and bacon. Rabbit common until myxy. Offal. Chicken was a rarity.

    dearime. Best shrimp boiled on the boat in seawater. Mmmm.

  3. Galli – that’s the shrimp I mean. Don’t forget – Steak and kidley pie. Liver and bacon. Gigot chops, Pope’s eye steak. Curried mince. Breadcrumbed plaice and egg sauce. Cauliflower cheese. Toad-in-the-hole. Forfar bridies. Bloody puddy. Mutton pie. Roast lamb, roast beef, Cumberland sausages.

  4. Lamb hotpot
    Mince and taters
    Roast beef and Yorkshire
    Liver and bacon
    Steak and kidney pie
    Cod knobs with chips
    Pork chops with apple sauce or-
    Lamb chops with mint sauce.

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