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At the ASI.

A green activist gpt a BBC news report changed t be more, umm, green. So, why don\’t we start complaining and making sure that reports are accurate?

4 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. The original report was inaccurate and it was corrected. What’s your problem with that?

    Tim adds: As long as we all get reports that we regard as being incorrect, corrected, nothing. For example, if as and when the Stern Review numbers for the social cost of carbon are quoted, we’re able to get “Nordhaus and Tol disagree” or some such inserted. Or when Hansen says that we’ll have a 2 metre sea rise this century, the IPCC’s numbers of 20-30 cm (as I recall, sorry, from memory) get inserted.

  2. Err Tim, the IPCC declined to give an upper bound on sea level rise this century.

    I take it that you are not planning to correct your ASI piece?

    Tim adds: As yet, no. Did Jo Abbess badger the BBC to get the report to read more closely to her understanding of event rather than that of the primary source? I think so. Did I say that’s what she did? Yes. And the correction necessary is what?

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