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Solving immigration, status and longevity and who ate all the pies?

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Left a comment at the Biz, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared so repeating here… on the first point, surely in the UK it’s the far-righties and the liberatarians [no, I know they’re not the same people] who think everything is unspeakably awful and shouldn’t be allowed?

    A print-out of the annual output from either Lionheart on one side or DK on the other would do far more to dissuade people than any amount of Swuppie nonsense. Come to that, how about translating the Daily Mail into Polish?

  2. Oops, realised the last comment was a bit ambiguous, possibly implying the ‘toonians want things banned. Read it as “who think everything is unspeakably awful and all politicians should be hanged”

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