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At the Business.

Companies moving offshore, profits in health care and being cruel to Willy Hutton.

I\’m travelling today, so that\’s gonna be all you\’ll get until Friday.

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  1. I know you know this, but it’s worth noting for the reader: this only affects taxation of profits made outside the UK, so is only worthwhile for UK plcs that derive a sizeable proportion of their revenues from abroad.

    Experian is another UK-based-in-real-life, London-listed, Irish-domiciled firm, FYI. RDS now has its corporate domicile in the Netherlands, where the headline corporate tax rate is 25.5%, however that was part of a massive restructuring and probably wouldn’t have been worthwhile on its own. I’d be very surprised if BP were to move to a low-tax domicile since it’s so dependent on UK political goodwill, at least until the North Sea oil runs out – same for BAe.

    Now, GSK and AstraZeneca on the other hand…

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