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Timmy Elsewhere

Erm, that nice Nick Cohen\’s column today:

Even bloggers who have made their name by lambasting the mainstream media – Matt Drudge in the US, Tim Worstall here – believe newspapers and television companies are letting themselves down. \’Don\’t these people have editors!\’ Worstall bellows as he dissects another howler. They do, but maybe not for long. Or if editors survive, they may not have the resources to ensure that what they print is intelligently researched.

Although to be pendantic, it\’s normally with a ? rather than a !

Don\’t these people have editors?


1 thought on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Um, he says JK Rowling “told a New York court how an online site had ‘plundered’ her work”. My understanding is that, like many genre authors, she was if anything supportive of the website, and it was only the move from website to book that caused the lawsuit.

    Indeed, from (italics mine).

    The case, which will be heard in New York on 14th April, centres on what exactly constitutes copyright infringement and whether or not the Potter copyright owners’ seeming acceptance of the Lexicon as a website affects their ability to stop it becoming a book.

    Of course out-law is only a website, not a proper newspaper like the Grauniad. But then, it is the website of a law firm. Who do you believe?

    Or to put it another way, don’t these people have editors?

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