Timmy Elsewhere

At the ASI.

Yes, the idiots want to make us poorer again.

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  1. Those who seek to destroy freedom are not idiots (except in the sense that by hating their neighbors, they give up all hope of Heaven), but are confused, lost souls who put the things of creation ahead of The Creator.
    Therefore, they are idol worshippers. As catholicfundamentalism.com is always pointing out, hating them back does not help. We must love our enemies, do good to them who hurt us, and pray that their souls’ polarity may be reversed so that they love both God and neighbor.
    The Church is our only trustworthy ally in this battle for our own souls.

  2. You don’t actually believe all that stuff do you Bill?

    Tim adds: Sadly, I think so. Bill uses comments sections to spam his site all the time as well.

  3. I do believe it, but only because I can find no reason to believe it’s not true.
    The solutions for many problems brought up on this board is to return to The Church that wants people to tell the truth and love their neighbor. The site mentioned does show a new way to approach that Church.
    Thanks for your patience.

  4. This thread will now pause for 10 Haily Marys 5 Our Fathers and a collection for souls in Purgatory….

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