Today is Earth Day


It\’s also Lenin\’s birthday.


I think not. Clearly, just a chance for watermelons to double up on the celebrations and thus preserve resources.

3 thoughts on “Today is Earth Day”

  1. Sadly, JuliaM, my carbon footprint is mouselike rather than elephantine, for I neither own a car nor have air conditioning (I live five minutes on foot from my office and the temperature here never deviates by more than a few °C from the mean). I’ve been doing my damnedest to be a more rapacious consumer but it’s bloody hard work. I can’t even crack $50 a month (i.e. 25 quid) for my electricity bill. All those online calculate-how-green-you-are thingies make me out to be roughly equivalent to some poor peasant living in a mud hut in Burundi. It’s embarrassing, I tell you.

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