Typically French


France has launched a political campaign to restore food protectionism at the heart of Europe’s agriculture policy as food riots erupt in poor countries and global leaders give warning of the dire consequences of soaring grain prices.

High prices mean that subsidies are necessary: just as low prices once meant that subsidies were necessary.

With deft political timing, the French Agriculture Minister blamed economic liberalism and “too much trust in the free market” for the soaring cost of food.

He said: “We must not leave the vital issue of feeding people to the mercy of market laws and international speculation.”

Oh please, do fuck off.

Can we leave yet?

4 thoughts on “Typically French”

  1. “We must not leave the vital issue of feeding people/Education/Healthcare to the mercy of ignorant bureaucrats and venal politicians.”

  2. I suspect most of the problems stem from state or NGO interference.

    Huge areas of the globe could be highly productive if the State and wars kept the hell out. Zimbabwe for one.

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