Umm, Ben?

700 million?

The EFSA, for example, have produced three PDF reports full of technical material, including a massive statistical re-analysis of the original data (kindly provided by the original researchers) which they harp on about enormously, but which they conclude changes basically nothing. For an organisation representing the interests of 700 million people, well-funded by Ukip voters\’ tax money, and with a massive advisory panel, they also make some slightly bizarre criticisms of the science.

The European Food Safety Authority is an EU institution, no? So how do we get to 700 million? 450 million rather, no? Even if it\’s EFTA or EEA I can\’t see it getting to 700 million.

Anyone know the answer?

3 thoughts on “Umm, Ben?”

  1. I think Brian may win the “most inappropriate knee-jerk response ever” award. Perhaps you should check which Grauniad journalist made the comment…

    500m people in the EU, 12m in EFTA, and 80m-ish in Turkey, Croatia and FYR Macedonia, which are following EFSA guidelines as part of their accession strategy. So 600m is a fair figure, but 700’s far too high.

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