Umm, Folks?

Look, he\’s gone from the political scene (Hurrah!):

In her conversations with investigators, the new informant told how the former governor was fond of using sex toys to enhance his own pleasure.

She also gave further details as to his specific sexual fetishes in graphic detail, "divulging that he a penchant for props," the Post reports.

The woman also added that he liked to keep his socks on during sex – something alleged previously by Republican operative Roger Stone.

Can we just count coup and leave the salacious details out of it? No, I really don\’t want to know which sex toys nor how they were employed.

2 thoughts on “Umm, Folks?”

  1. Well, since ‘green issues’ are the latest flavour of the month, at least we can hope that they were, at least, solar-powered.

    Although come to think of it, that may not work too well for objects designed to be inserted where the sun don’t shine….

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