Vitamins are bad for you

No, really:

Popular vitamin supplements taken by millions of people in the hope of improving their health may do no good and could increase the risk of a premature death, researchers report today.

So, Linus Pauling was wrong then.

But Patrick Holford, a nutritionist who has formulated supplements for the company Biocare, said: "Antioxidants are not meant to be magic bullets and should not be expected to undo a lifetime of unhealthy habits.

"When used properly, in combination with a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, getting plenty of exercise and not smoking, antioxidant supplements can play an important role in maintaining and promoting overall health."

Yes Patrick darling, but if you\’re doing all of those things then antioxidants are hardly necessary, are they? But then sales would suffer, would they not?


4 thoughts on “Vitamins are bad for you”

  1. I think this is bad reporting nevertheless: the study focused on anti-oxidant supplements, not vitamins in general, and found negative effects for mega-doses of them (and no causation either: just a statistical study). So even if you accept the study, there’s no reason to stop taking multi-vitamins at normal doses as nutritional insurance.

  2. I can’t imagine how taking a pill with some dried up powder has any ability to sustain/increase good health – to me it is a joke.

    You want to be alive, eat live food. Eat salads, fruits and vegetables, eschew meat, fish and chicken unless absolutely necessary. Eat nuts and seeds, lots of olive oil, put lemon on everything, drink lots of grape juice (try to find it UNPASTEURIZED, avoid junk food, sugar, chocolate, alcohol and any refined food (sucrose, fructose) and definitely avoid aspartame and most spices. As for bread, don’t eat enriched or bleached flower and cut WAY BACK on salt, salt is a killer. So with THAT kind of diet, why would anyone need to take a pill? How could a pill enhance your life?

    Michael Smith

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