Well, Quite

Vicki Woods:

I can\’t ever read another survey about that other great curse of modern women, which is widely misrepresented. The fact that women have both a) a gender pay gap and b) babies annoys a great swathe of right-thinking women (if "right" is the word, which it probably isn\’t) who cannot or will not do the sum that proves that a) is a direct consequence of b).

It\’s a maternity pay gap, not a gender pay gap, and the figure-fiddling about part-time and full-time work is unfair: many women embrace part-time work and would hate to be full-time.

You may or may not have noted that argument being made around here from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Well, Quite”

  1. So, did Vicki give you the idea?

    Tim adds: Well, nooo….but I know she reads this blog (Hi Vicki! No, I don’t think the idea came from here…)

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