Well Said

As you may know, I hold no brief for either Ken or various Green types, but this seems entirely sensible:

Ken Livingstone came under fresh pressure last night when it emerged that his allies in the Green Party are calling for the legalisation of ecstasy.

Actually, the full policy:

Miss Berry\’s manifesto, launched last week, advocates "decriminalising recreational drugs such as ecstasy and psychotropic mushrooms" as well as "providing heroin on prescription".

Entirely sensible. It might be that we\’ve actually got there the first recorded agreement betwen the Adam Smith Inst (not that I speak for them ex officio you understand, but it is close to stated policy) and the Green Party.

3 thoughts on “Well Said”

  1. Damn, you beat me to it. It’s funny that her manifesto does not mention legalising cocaine, presumably because that is seen as a ‘right wing’ drug taken by bankers and rock stars and successful rich capitalist type people, as opposed to cannabis that is smoked by gentle hippies and heroin that is for losers who are no threat to the Green world view.

  2. Aside from the fact that the Mayor of London is not in a position to decriminalise anything, has this really been thought through?

    Ken already has innumerable progeny, without the help of legalising ecstasy.

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