A Reader\’s Question.

He says that there are more than 600 addresses with more than 100
registered voters.

Do you know if it\’s possible to verify this?  If you don\’t, would you
consider asking the readers of the blog?


4 thoughts on “A Reader\’s Question.”

  1. Blocks of flats, perhaps?
    I live at a number 39 that has 129 flats in it.
    So all 129 voters may be registered to number 37.

    Also, old people’s homes.. could that be it?

  2. You haven’t answered my question about Cherry diet coke either you fucker.

    You’re not as clever as you pretend are you?

    Don’t answer — I know it will be something smart-arsed.

    Tim adds: More water with it perhaps Will?

  3. When I ran a Hall of Residence back in the Stone Age, I could have voted for every student had I wanted. Wish I had, now; I could have given Gordon’s vote to the Tories.

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