A Referendum, Eh?

My word, so we do indeed have referendums in the United Kingdom to decide matters of constitutional importance.

Wendy Alexander, the Scottish Labour leader, announced her backing for a "Yes or No" vote on independence.

The U-turn was a further blow to the authority of the embattled Prime Minister who was not informed of Ms Alexander\’s announcement.

It also caused ruptures in Labour north and south of the Border with Westminster sources aghast at her move.

Some things are not for the political classes to decide amongst themselves: some things are much too important for that, some things the people must be consulted directly upon.

Like, for example, changes in the constitutional settlement.

Puts the refusal to have one over the Lisbon Treaty in a different light, doesn\’t it?

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2 thoughts on “A Referendum, Eh?”

  1. If there is a referendum would it be UK wide? I am sure a lot of the English would like a vote.

    In fact – give the English a referendum on whether to keep paying for Wales and Scotland!

  2. Will the UKIP change its name if Scotland goes independent? The England,Wales and Northern Ireland Independance Party (EWNIIP) doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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