When asked on Sky News if he would consider his position ahead of a General Election, he said: “No, I am getting on with the job.”

He seems unaware that others might do that considering for him. As of course is correct in any form of a free market society: jobs, let alone political jobs, are held at the sufferance of the employers, not solely at the desire of the employed.

2 thoughts on “Amazing”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    This misses the point that he is not operating in a Free Market. By no means is this comfortable Duopoly anything other than viciously anti-Competitive. If this was a private employment situation, he’d have officious little government clerks up his arse trying to find out by what unfair trading practices the two main parties have sewn up so much of the market share.

    A damn good question really. To which I’d like to see some answers.

    Does anyone think this would be legal if they were selling anything as useful as biscuits as opposed to lies, spin and horse manure?

  2. I’m waiting for the announcement that the Brown premiership was always intended as a transitional measure and that now it has done its job it will be replaced by something more appropriate.

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