An Absolute Disaster

A former showgirl who has become an Italian cabinet minister has admitted that you don\’t have to be pretty to get ahead in politics, but it helps.

No, seriously, this is appalling. If all the pretty people move over from showbusiness then what are all the ugly people going to do?

8 thoughts on “An Absolute Disaster”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Fuck off I hope.

    Betty Boothroyd wasn’t a bad Speaker was she? So we beat them to it.

    I think it is time someone made Kylie Minogue PM. She couldn’t do worse could she?

  2. A potentially interesting aside on Kylie Minogue:

    My brother was working backstage at Top of the Pops when she was on. She was struggling with a heavy bag up the stairs and he asked her if she needed any help. She declined. As he passed by a bit later and saw her still struggling, he tried to say, “See you did need my help.” However, his nerves cracked whilst the words were halfway out of his mouth and he instead bellowed, “You need me!” at her. She looked at him like he was born wrong and swiftly raced the bag up the stairs.

    Not the coolest customer my bro.

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