An Empirical Question

Does anyone actually know the answer?

Starting here.

Via email I am told that:

What\’s it like being a total, and I mean TOTAL  asshole?
Most EU residents have their deposit accounts in Euros, you dumb schmuck. Hoo boy, and they let you vote. Furthermore, you jerk, most interest earned by EU residents in Switzerland is from bonds, mostly Eurobonds or USD. But not CHF, that\’s for sure.
Don\’t get confused with the bank valuation statement being in CHF, merely for the bank\’s management fee calculation.

You have no idea what you talking about, so why don\’t you stick with cooking  recipes on your blog, you moron.

So, the question I\’d love to know the answer to is, for EU residents who have their money parked in Switzerland, and whose interest is thus subject to the EU with holding tax, what percentage of such holdings are in fact denominated in €?

Anyone know?

5 thoughts on “An Empirical Question”

  1. For a time I worked for a private bank in Luxembourg. The city centre is dominated by hairdressers and boutiques with the banks hidden down the side streets. Wealthy German ladies would travel to Luxembourg clutching suitcases or handbags stuffed with Marks. After dropping the cash off at the bank they would then head off on a spending spree and an afternoon being pampered before heading home.

  2. Whoever sent you the email has no need to ask the question, he evidently knows the answer.

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