Tens of thousands of cars will become almost worthless as a result of the decision to raise road tax on older models with higher carbon dioxide emissions by up to £245 a year.

Many families will find that they cannot sell their cars even though they are in good working order and no more than seven years old.

The Times revealed yesterday that the Treasury had quietly abolished the exemption from higher road-tax rates for cars that emit more than 225g of CO2 per km and were registered between March 2001 and March 2006.

CAP, which supplies the used car industry with data on residual values, said that many larger cars would be reduced to their scrap value because they would fall into one of the higher tax brackets being introduced for high-emission cars next April.

Hmm, I wonder how many of those will be left hand drive? Could do with a new (or different) car and buying in hte UK and driving down here might be a sensible thing to do….

6 thoughts on “An Opportunity”

  1. Tim, you’ll have to pay an import tax of enormous proportions, unless you can prove you’ve owned it in the UK for one year prior to importation. So much for a free European market, eh?

    Tim adds: I know, I’ve got the little cacluator of the charges. But, with the high euro, low UK prices, it looks as if there’s a profit to be made even after those charges.

  2. Can anyone explain why “tens of thousands of cars will become almost worthless” will save the planet?

  3. Kit,

    Come on – this is obvious. They’ll all end up in landfill, so the landfills will fill up and we’ll have to start recycling much more of our rubbish that we would have done before we were so evilly putting stuff in landfill.


  4. Meh! Just buy a right-hand drive and drive it on the right hand side of the road. That’s what we all have to do in Sakhalin, even the road police do it. Makes overtaking a bit dangerous though.

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