Aviation Again

The government should completely rethink its aviation policy and shelve plans to expand Heathrow and Stansted airports, according to an influential advisory body.

The Sustainable Development Commission, chaired by Sir Jonathon Porritt, said there were big question marks over the environmental and economic arguments underpinning the proposals for British airport expansion. It warned that the government faced a wave of legal challenges if it did not hold an independent review of its 2003 aviation white paper, which sanctioned new runways at Heathrow, Stansted and other airports.

Sigh. Look guys, let\’s do as Stern said we should. Whack a Pigou Tax on air fares to pay for the externalities of flying. That\’s it, problem solved.

And guess what? Air Passenger Duty is already at the levels suggested by Stern, roughly that $85 per tonne of the social costs of CO2 emissions.

Great, job done. So please bugger off.

2 thoughts on “Aviation Again”

  1. Interesting to measure the impact of a third runway in that the whole of London would then have planes flying over it pretty much 24/7. If we properly accounted for that sort of environmental imact then the flight from Hong Kong that gets in at 4.30am (strictly a temporary arrangement you understand…) would be considerably more expensive

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