You\’ll like this.

The PR bods at Aviva sent a release to all MEPs about how Norwich Union, Commercial Union and Hibernian will all now be known as Aviva.

The text:

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

I wanted to let you know about an announcement we have made today, confirming our plan to move to a single global customer brand – Aviva. The press release that was released at lunchtime is attached below for your information.

Aviva is the world\’s fifth biggest insurer, and a leading provider of long term savings, protection and general insurance products to Europe, where it operates in 15 countries.

We want to continue to thrive as a business and compete effectively on the world stage alongside our international peers; creating a brand that is known across the globe will be an important step in being recognised as a worldwide force in financial services.

We will complete the transition to a global brand over the next two years, with Norwich Union in the UK, Commercial Union in Poland and Hibernian in Ireland becoming Aviva.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Pauliina Hakulinen

Senior Public Affairs Manager, Europe & International
Aviva plc

One recipient (well, one who actually read it) was Godfrey Bloom. His response, in full:

Dear Mrs Hakulinen

Thank you for your email, the contents of which I was already aware.  So you have thrown away 2 of the most well known brand names in the insurance world to replace it with what sounds like a Spanish Dance routine.  Clearly your company is run by morons.  I have sold my shares and will recommend all my clients and friends to do likewise.

Yours sincerely

Godfrey Bloom


Nice to have a politician who calls it as it is, isn\’t it?


6 thoughts on “Aviva”

  1. Yes, what a bunch of morons for picking a single global brand name for their company. That’ll be why they’re in charge of one of the world’s largest insurers while Bloom is a crank politician for a joke party, then…

  2. “That’ll be why they’re in charge of one of the world’s largest insurers”: like the chaps in charge of the world’s biggest banks, the world’s biggest central bank, the world’s biggest armed forces, they are by definition always right? Shurely shome mishtake?

  3. Obviously not, but the selection processes for “becoming an MEP for a crank protest party” and “becoming marketing director for a multi-billion pound insurance company” differ somewhat, and I’d venture to suggest that the latter might tend to be more stringent…

  4. As an Australian – who is closely associated here with the group and has been since 1982 – I too now refer to their ongoing rebranding actions as “another can of olive oil”.

    The name of Norwich Union was highly respected and I regret its demise.

    I’d rather take the small step from “Aviva, aviva” (enlighten) to “Andale! Andale! Arriba” and a cartoon mouse with a Mexican moustache ………….urging us to “get up, get up and hurry”

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