Beating Jet Lag

The key to beating jet lag on long haul flights is not to eat the airline food, according to scientists.

Somewhat to my surprise no, they\’re not talking about the quality of the food, rather, the time at which you eat it.

So my preferred solution of taking a decent picnic doesn\’t in fact work. Which is a pity as the slightly odd looks, leading to covetous ones, as you reject the airline meal but ask for a fork, before tucking into the lovingly prepared, say, bacon butties, boiled eggs, potato and waldorf salads followed by a couple of pieces of fruit can be most enjoyable to observe.

The actual menu you might differ over, but the basic idea itself is valid.


2 thoughts on “Beating Jet Lag”

  1. How do you have time to fly considering you covered jet lag, Bollywood, the housing “crisis,” Polly (as usual), the former governor of New York, and a mid-aid “misunderstanding” over Israel in just one day. I’ve only managed to drive into work and pour a cup of water. One of those two decisions was a poor one that I now wish to reconsider.

    Tim adds: “I’ve only managed to drive into work” there’s the answer. My commute is 10 yards.

  2. The scientists may well be right, but I hope no one pays attention. Flying is a miserable enough experience already – being packed in with a lot of ravenous, hypoglycaemic, bad-tempered passengers would be a real nightmare.

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