Because Of, Because Of

I don’t believe I waste anywhere near £600 worth of food a year in my kitchen, but even if I did I wouldn’t be at all ashamed. For one thing such waste is as nothing compared with the armfuls of unnecessary, nondegradable, landfill-guzzling waste that I throw out each week in the form of supermarket packaging. The squandering of a few mouldy pears is hardly to be compared to the unavoidable waste of the plastic box, pear-shaped internal plastic mouldings and sealed plastic covering in which they arrived.

While this specific example might be a little extravagant, the very reason that you waste little food is because of the packaging in which your food arrives. As that famed Professor of Garbology pointed out in the PJ O\’Rourke book, Mexicans use much less packaging that USians, but throw away more food.

2 thoughts on “Because Of, Because Of”

  1. Interesting example, though, because if you were determined never to throw out a pear, you’d never buy a pear again. The buggers just seem to be erratic, and that’s that.

  2. If we didn’t waste food, then we’d all be obese, which is something else that they tell us off for.

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