Zoe Watmough, 22, left the bins, a grey one and a green one for recycling, outside her home on a Wednesday ready for collection the next day.

Council officers issued her with a £75 fine claiming that the bins had been put out 24 hours before they were due to be emptied.

But the mother-of-three refused to pay and ended up facing magistrates in Bolton, where she was fined £125 and ordered to pay £125 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

A mother of three at 22 years old eh? Hmmm, something of a marker of a certain social class one might think. But still, being fined for putting the bins out early? And who the hell was the victim that gets the surcharge?

So why are they doing this?

Bolton council said it was pursuing prosecutions over bins left on streets because of the number of arson attacks by youths.

Might one suggest that they pursue the youths doing the arson instead?

Last week Barry Freezer, a 73-year-old retired milkman, mistakenly put cabbage stalks in with his garden waste and was reprimanded by Norwich city council. Binmen claimed that the trimmings were kitchen rubbish.

The same council had refused to empty the bin of partially-sighted Lenny Woodward, 95, because he put a ketchup bottle and an empty coffee jar in the wrong bin.

And now we\’ve got to the stage where these people can fuck right off.

I worked out several years ago that the costs of these sorting to recycle schemes were vastly higher than the entirety of the previous total waste disposal system. Because people have to spend so much time making sure that they have indeed sorted their waste properly and yes, time does have a value. Add in this sort of nonsense and it\’s even more expensive.

It would be a great deal cheaper and simpler to go back to landfill: and if the EU won\’t let us, so much the worse for the EU.


11 thoughts on “Bin Taxes”

  1. “Can you elect for jury trial in a case like this? I think a jury would be far more likely to turn the thing over than magistrates would.”

    Magistrates will punt stuff to a Crown Court if it’s too complex. Thus if your defence were to be that the Government itself has failed to set the regulations appropriately (they are supposed to be evidence-based) then there’s a chance it would be heard by a jury. Who could then rule on the legality of the regulations themselves.

  2. “Might one suggest that they pursue the youths doing the arson instead?”

    They have ‘human rights’. Obviously, taxpayers don’t…

  3. Not only is more expensive than putting things in landfill, it’s all a sham anyhow. Even right on Camden is sending most of it’s recyclable stuff to the Far East where God knows what happens to it.

    See http://www.thecnj.co.uk/camden/2008/051508/news051508_06.html

    for all the details.

    As John Brignell on Numberwatch says about recycling – “ordinary people are forced into bizarre rituals or face draconian punishments”

  4. And she might, of course, have had her triplets after taking a double starred first in History from Girton.

  5. Perhaps an obligatory intelligence test for council officers before they’re let loose on the impotent public? Preferably before baying mobs form?

  6. “ordinary people are forced into bizarre rituals or face draconian punishments” –

    There’s an exact analogy between that comment and some of the practices of the French Revolution, such as the requirements to adhere to the consitutional clergy, or observe the revolutionary calendar.

    Ms. Watmough should tell her persecutors to shove their Brumaire where their Thermidor doesn’t shine.

  7. Any gardener knows that the stalks of cabbage, caulis, sprouts, are components of garden waste, as are the leaves from the top of the rhubarb, and the stalks of beans, peas, and taters.

    Other inert vegetable matter, such as Borough Councillors and other perennial weeds, should be smashed flat with a garden spade, then burned on a bonfire. After that, they may be added to the compost heap.

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