Blogging Job Available

I\’m wondering whether there might be anyone out there interested in earning some cash by blogging?

An impecunious student or some such?

The old blog works pretty well and I\’ve tested it out to see how much traffic can be got by simply burbling about celebrities and so on. I also don\’t have the time to do it myself. So there\’s an asset there going wasted.

Add labour to it and we might get a reasonable income from it (for a not very high value of "reasonable").

What does anyone else think? Blogging might be more fun than flipping burgers perhaps?

I\’m assuming that two or three hours a day (which is what I did spend on it to test it) would be required.

Currently the blog makes maybe £200 a month which is what would be the base pay. So at present it\’s not even minimum wage.

I\’m thinking along the lines of an income split of whatever is made over that: I did one month manage to get earnings up to £1,000 or so (on 500k page views), so a 50/50 split would bring the blog writer a more respectable £500 a month, or £8 an hour….and of course higher traffic would simply increase that.

Anyone got any bright ideas? I can teach whoever it is how to grab traffic, that\’s quite simple.


5 thoughts on “Blogging Job Available”

  1. Discussing income vs blogging-time-expenditure in the same sentence is surely a bit like making matter and antimatter collide. Enough to do your head in. Funnily enough I don’t know anybody impecunious who would get off the couch for it but I can easily think of half a dozen doctors, editors etc who would do it in their downtime even if they probably shouldn’t.

  2. Very interesting. Considering that is about what I live off at the moment, plus diminishing savings, trying to get my business off the ground it seems like a great deal! Only problem is time and the amount of posts possible in a day. Otherwise, bring it on!

  3. How did you learn how to grab traffic? It’s a total mystery to me (I have a website with 2 visitors a week, all of whom are my parents).

  4. Lex:

    If all the traffic you can get are your parents, the solution seems simple: get a lot more parents.

  5. Well I’m hoping to involve my in-laws and step-in-laws which will take the total to six. With me included that’s getting pretty heavy. Help me Tim!

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