Bronx High School of Science.

When I went there, Bronx Science was the most intellectually exclusive, snobbiest public high school in the country. Actual true fact: If it were a country, Bronx Science would rank 23rd in the world in the number of Nobel laureates it has produced, tied with Spain.

Selectivity and elitism in education are indeed horrible, terrible things.


3 thoughts on “Bronx High School of Science.”

  1. So Much For Subtlety


    After all there’s no point awarding Nobel Prizes unless *everyone* gets one.

  2. Stokely Carmichael and Bobby Darrin went to Bronx Science High.

    Until the mid-60s, I frequently visited grandparents in the Bronx, frequently for a week or so–and, in so doing, became acquainted with a few dozen kids from that area. It seemed that nearly half went to Science and, to me, they didn’t seem at all snobbish or in any particular way other than regular kids, though there was no denying that they were smart. Sounds like the writer was a sensitive type.

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