Clearing out the Spam Filter.

I\’m glad I did as one comment sends me to this excellent dictionary of sexual synonyms.

I did not know, for example (although would probably be able to guess, if I had seen it used), that "Hindustani-jig" is a synonym for "keester-stab".

Fascinating, eh?

1 thought on “Clearing out the Spam Filter.”

  1. My web filter is supposed to protect me from this sort of content. Imagine my surprise when clicking the link resulted in my web filter subjecting me to profanity.

    Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy.
    Reason: one or more categories denied helper=’WebBlocker.4′ details=’Adult/Sexually Explicit’

    Method: GET
    Path: /F-Word-Dictionary/f**k

    ** added by me

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