Ermm, what is wrong with this?

So when parts of the UK were flooded last year it seemed sensible for the UK government to make an appeal to the fund. The government at first seemed reticent to ask for money, but after efforts from Richard Corbett MEP, Denis MacShane and others the request was made, and £110 million cash granted.

Perhaps there was reticience in making the original request knowing what would subsequently happen. If the UK gets more money from the EU budget, the UK in turn gets less money from the budget rebate – the mechanism Thatcher negotiated because Britain has few farmers and does not get much cash from CAP. So rather than giving the £110 million to the flood hit areas, only £31 million will reach the flood victims, as a rather frustrated Richard Corbett points out. The Treasury will pocket the extra £79 million, putting it into its general budget, to make up for the fact that there will be less budget rebate in this financial year.

Jon Worth is outraged of course. But I really don\’t see why.

The nett income from all of this is £31 million. So that\’s what will get spent on the flood victims.

The problem is?

2 thoughts on “Ermm, what is wrong with this?”

  1. Why have people taken to saying “reticent” when they mean “reluctant”? Is it because they are ignorant fuckers?

  2. “The problem is?”

    that no-one bothered to explain that that’s how the rebate works to the great British public.

    i.e. as soon as we try to get something out of this marvellous system – you know, the stuff we keep being told is the very reason for the EU and how it is so marvellous for us – they screw us on our contributions.

    Can we leave yet?

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