Gen Corporation Helicopter.

Oh, yes, I want one. Gimmie my personal helicopter!


One note, it\’s not 50 kmph, but 55 mph.

5 gallons per hour two stroke petrol and oil mix. ($40 an hour in the air, pretty cheap, no?)

Ah, no auto rotation: maybe that autogyro is looking a little better now?

Still, $60k and 30 hours to build the kit. Anyone remember the Jetsons?

8 thoughts on “Gen Corporation Helicopter.”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Sorry but why no autorotation?

    Myself, I have always wanted to build one that looks a little more like a motorcycle. An autogyro would work. The problem has always been licencing requirements from what I can see. The Governments of Europe in particular like border controls and so don’t want people flying.

    A shame.

  2. Your photo shows a ‘copter that can’t work, whereas your second link has a photo that shows the second rotor, so it can work. Perhaps the wee halo helps it work too?

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