Gosh, What a Surprise!

The Lords Appointments Commission, which promised to open the Upper House to the masses, comes under attack today for giving “people’s peerages” to bastions of the Establishment.

Nobody really thought they would look outside the usual suspects, did they? That\’s not how Establishments work.

— “People’s peers”, nominated by the public and chosen by a committee, were proposed by Tony Blair in 1999

— Out of 3,200 applicants, the first list was whittled down to 15. They included six knights, three professors, three people appointed OBE and two CBE, and were mostly men

— The latest list, announced in April, consists of two knights and a dame: the former head of MI5, a former European Commission grandee and a leading Scottish businessman

2 thoughts on “Gosh, What a Surprise!”

  1. I would scrap the House of Lords BUT all laws would have sunset clauses of 5-7 years. We would still get bad laws but only for a limited period.

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