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On cricket bats:

Until now, less space in the Laws of Cricket was dedicated to Law 6 (the bat) than to the timing of the tea interval. The old Law 6 was not merely succinct. It was also durable. Its stipulations concerning bat length (not more than 38 inches), width (a maximum of 4¼ inches) and that "the blade of the bat shall be made solely of wood" survived intact from the late 18th century, when a cad named White came in against Hambledon with a bat as wide as the wicket that was promptly banned.

Law 6 was changed after the Dennis Lillee aluminium bat controversy of 1979 to contain the phrase that "the blade of the bat shall be made solely from wood".

If they cannot get the truly important things, like cricket, correct, then how on earth can we trust them on ephemera, trivialities, like economics, politics or social policy?

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