Hazel Blears

Speaking sense for once:

Traditional representative democracy has created a class of remote professional politicians. The first task is to bring politicians nearer the people. We should hold some cabinet meetings on housing estates or in local community centres around the country. Ministers need to immerse themselves in the communities we want to serve.

We need to balance representative democracy with a healthy dose of direct democracy. Direct democracy means giving local people the power to influence, decide and control the things that impact on their lives and communities. This should be the core theme of Labour\’s fight-back in the coming months: we trust you to run things for yourselves, with the right help and support.

OK, the cabinet meetings thing is weird but the rest of it…local people the power to influence…..Aha!

Yes, that\’s exactly correct. Peeps get to run their lives their way and only call upon the State for the tools necessary to do so.

And what tools might those be? Well, of course, someone has to defend the country…..and a decent legal system is also a necessity. Police, at least at some level, are best communally provided, we need some method of deciding where the parks are going to be, when the libraries will be open and so on, but there\’s no reason why those latter things, even if they do need to be communal, need to be centrally provided, or even provided by government rather than privately.

Hey, great, Our Favourite Chipmunk has come out in favour of the libertarian/classically liberal state!

No, no, I know that\’s not what she means, but it is what she said, so we can in fact celebrate her making sense for the first time.

3 thoughts on “Hazel Blears”

  1. It won’t ever happen. The British Parliament does not accede to the wishes of the electorate except at General Elections.

  2. Hence “hold some cabinet meetings on housing estates” to let the people watch us rule them.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I agreed with Blears about anything, but these are well worth supporting. Can you remember some of the promises Brown made regarding democratic reform when he assumed power? I know he said them, but so quickly they were dropped that I can’t remember any of the details. Anyone recall them?

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