I seem to have provoked a reaction here:

I am the Revolution, and I want my fucking country back.

Well said that man!

3 thoughts on “I Like This”

  1. Tim, Apologies for dumping this link as a comment to a random posting but I am email challenged at the moment.

    Have you seen this article on the Euro from the Pritchard in the Telegraph blogs? http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/business/ambrosevanspritchard/may2008/unworkableemu.htm

    I am an Economics pygmy, but the article interests & intrigues me very much. There may be trouble ahead…

    Tim adds: Looks entirely sensible to me. I’ve been saying it’s not an Optimal Currency Area since, oooh, 1995 when I first went on Usenet.

  2. I’m a regular at El Reg, being an unashamed Geek.

    Excellently written and very cogent, if I may make so bold.

    Tim adds: such ego boosting is always welcome. As regular readers will be aware, I am indeed a shy and retiring creature.

  3. Just happened to check my blog stats for the evening and was somewhat surprised by the sudden increase in readers. Thank you for the mention!

    I am consistently amazed by the lack of thought shown by the Govt of the UK. Your article brought home a number of strands that have been bothering me for some time in a much more coherent way than I am normally capable of. My fear is that we are already too far down the line to drag the country back to where it should be. My aim is simple, start the revolution one person at a time.

    Thank you for introducing over 150 other people (and counting) to the cause.

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