Interesting Numbers

Department of Health figures uncovered by this newspaper show that during 2006 more than 3,800 women underwent at least their fourth abortion, including more than 1,300 who were on their fifth or more. Of more than 60,000 women who underwent a "repeat" abortion, almost 15,000 were on their third.

These included 65 women who had their sixth abortion by the age of 30, and 82 girls aged under 18 who had already experienced three, and more than 50 women who had had eight abortions or more.

Dr Peter Saunders, general secretary of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said: "This is just so grotesquely bleak." He said the situation was "approaching the sorts of things we used to hear about Soviet Russia. "When you try to imagine a woman who has had eight abortions, or perhaps more, it is absolutely clear that she is using it as a form of contraception."

He may indeed be on one highly vocal side of the debate, but he has a point, doesn\’t he?

8 thoughts on “Interesting Numbers”

  1. Kit, JuliaM, agreed. Oddly, I find the idea of one abortion, not something that particularly concerns me (though I have steadfastly done my damnedest to avoid it in my relationships). Yet the idea of eight I find absolutely abominable. It must be the callousness and carelessness it represents. One accident in a lifetime is just that, eight is a bloody campaign.

  2. “Kit and JuliaM: spoken like true Warnocks!”

    I think abortion is morally repugnant. So are lots of things. I make make judgements about people, but I’m damn sure I don’t want the State to start making judgements, rapidly followed by actions.

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