It\’s All So Simple, Isn\’t it?

This is the kind of bold, nay, heroic, outside-the-box thinking that we need. Or at the least, will make me not want to talk about it anymore. I imagine earnest high school seniors everywhere will note a surprising similarity between their recent social studies essays, and this senatorial missive. It just highlights the fact even though an issue like energy involves a lot of science and statistical analysis, complex general equilibrium effects involving incentives, moral hazard, and adverse selection, the practical discussion of public policy is pretty simple. Everything is a matter of will, and partial equilibrium analysis. Reduce demand. Lower prices. More money to technologies that don\’t pollute, and use things generally considered waste, as inputs for pie in the sky solutions.

3 thoughts on “It\’s All So Simple, Isn\’t it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Say what? Partial Equilibrium analysis? What’s that?

    Ah f*ck it. Let’s do what we always do and shoot anyone who is not a member of the Party and wears glasses.

    Bet that drives down a lot of things. Viva Chavez!

  2. I hope that she also believes in “sitting down together to talk it through”, “appealing to people’s better nature” and, rather contradictorily, “knocking heads together”. I trust that she doesn’t believe in telling people to “get your arse in gear”. Not even spelled “ass”.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Don’t forget “involving all the stakeholders”. And “Getting buy-in from other Departments”. Not to mention “appealling to non-traditional users”.

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