Where do they get these idiots from?*

Fellow participant Wal-Mart, savagely opposed to trade unions, has built its global empire on relentless cutting of costs in retail stores and supply chains, including ever-lower wages for factory workers in China and Bangladesh. This downwards pressure on earnings prevents people from working their way out of poverty, in complete contrast to the stated aims of Brown\’s initiative.

Chinese manufacturing wages have been rising, year on year, at 14% for the past decade and more. They\’re nearly 4 times higher than they were. Wal-Mart is, I think it\’s true to say, the biggest importer into the US from China of manufactured goods: they\’ve thus been one of the major driving forces of this incredible rise in Chinese wages.

What the fuck is this idiot talking about?

Sure, shading statistics to present your case is one thing, but out and out lying is another, no?


* War on Want apparently. Sheesh.

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  1. Has the general population become so stupid that people feel they can print or say anything and get away with it? Michael Moore claimed on the Larry King show that the average French person pays 10% of their wages in income tax and he wasn’t challenged on that at all!
    How anyone could say that Wal-Mart has driven wages DOWN in China is beyond me. Does this newspaper even employ editors?

  2. “Does this newspaper even employ editors?”

    It will after it gets spanked by Tesco in court for blatant lying.

  3. Wal-Mart is evil and we shouldn’t let facts get in the way of the crusade to ruin them. They are also lowering the cost of prescription drugs in the US independent of government programs.

  4. The success of China has been built on the back of the western discount stores. I was in China in 1988, watching the merchandise being made in the factories, and buying it too. (I bought all the silk I could get my hands on.) Ever since, the stuff has been coming in to the west in shipping containers. It’s generally good value for money, and the retailers and customers have drifted along with this new business model. Basically, you go to these discount stores and they may have a load of rugs one week, and a load of children’s shoes next week. You can’t rely on them having any particular commodity at any one time. But hard-up shoppers have learned that it pays to be patient and vigilant, and to plan ahead. No silk yet though. But when it arrives, I’ll be there like a shot.

  5. Basically, you go to these discount stores and they may have a load of rugs one week, and a load of children’s shoes next week.

    Heh! This is like shopping in the more far-flung parts of Russia: pop into a store just to see what they’re selling this week.

  6. Now all Wal Mart has to do is make sure that that the weekly thing-a-ma-jigs that it imports to the states start being of high quality.

    The poor quality of much “cheap” Chinese imports is junk, and I’m not talking boats here!

  7. south-east asian boy


    I see just the opposite–nearly unbelievable quality and functional design for far less than comparable American-made goods would have cost, even going back 40 or 50 years.

    Of course, a good part of the better stuff is actually American-designed and specified and made in China. Luggage, sporting goods, clothing, furniture (indoor and out), etc. From what I see, you’d actually have to look for the junk. In 1980, I paid north of $250 for one of the best tents available at the time. I can get a better one today for about $40! Same with backpacks, fishing tackle, inflatable boats, tobaggans, gardening tools.

    And the quantity! A buddy of mine imports baskets for the floral trade. Go by his place and there’s always 3 or 4 containers unloading. He tells me there’s hundreds of competitors and several dozen much larger than he. By my calculations, enough of those damn baskets are coming in that it must take 34.5% of the US workforce employed getting rid of baskets just to make physical room for new ones coming in.
    And the fake fig trees, and ivy, and silk flowers–it’s mind-boggling to just keep up with how to get rid of it all.

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