Language Matters

Just a little note on how events can be described, the way in which attitudes can be changed by the language employed.

But Shell has in recent years been selling off much of its solar business while its rival oil group BP – under new chief executive, Tony Hayward – has also talked about selling part of in its alternative energy division, abandoned a carbon capture scheme in Scotand and moved into the Canadian tar sands for the first time.

It\’s true that BP did abandon the Pêterhead carbon capture scheme. But they did so because the Government (actually Geo. Brown) refused to offer the tax changes necessary to make the sums add up. It\’s also important to note that the tax changes asked for would not have led to a reduction in tax paid in total: they would have been a lower rate per barrel lifted, yes, but more barrels lifted, leading to higher overall revenues.

Brown turned down a free lunch: more revenue and the test of an important technology. The whisper is that the Treasury thought that BP was trying it on and so determined to resist, thinking that the scheme would go ahead even without the tax changes.


So, yes, BP did abandon that scheme, but not quite in the way that today\’s reference to it makes it seem.

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  1. Of course, nothing to do with not giving Alex Salmond something else to boast about.


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