Men Going Off Sex

Seems that the British male is less interested in bonking his partner than in the past. As to possible explanations:

Cooper, who is professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University, also blamed Britain\’s culture of long working hours. \’Britain\’s work culture has gone from 9 to 5 to extremely long hours, which makes for a very stressful life,\’ he said. \’Stress can be cumulative, which means eventually people can find it impossible to switch off and relax.\’

I think we can put that to one side. Average working hours have been declining for men for more than a century. You know, this evidence thing….

6 thoughts on “Men Going Off Sex”

  1. Do the hours worked figures apply only to men in work, or are they averaging over the sundry dole bludgers too?

  2. I read somewhere that in peasant societies in averages out to once a day (or night), in spite of 12 hour work days. They’ve got nothing else to do, you see. Install electricity, light bulbs and TV, then birthrate drops, which is a proxy for the frequency of bonking. I suppose that’s someone’s fault, though I can’t work out who to blame.

  3. Little Black Sambo

    Cooper is an expert on marital stress, having caused a great deal of it in the past.

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